lunes, 4 de enero de 2021


Organise one grid to accomodate to players as indicated graph Instructions, 5v2 in central grid; 5 additional Players (Black).
Possession team (Red) in smaller central grid maintain possession using 1-touch play; 5 passes = 1 goal. The two Defensive players must attempt to gain possession and pass to any of their 5 teammates in the larger grid (this creates a 7v5 for the Black team). The Red team now immediately transitions to Defend to attempt to regain possession. For Black team; 5 passes = 1 goal. Next ball starts with a pass from Coach into the smaller central grid. Keep score.

Players: 12 Players per group. Grids: 20 x 20m. Time: 15’. Material: balls, cones and tshirts. Winners and score: the team with the most points wins. 5 passes - 1 goal.


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