lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017


Funny and very competitive game for the end of the training session for the offensive improvement of the head shot and defensive head clearance.
In a space of reduced dimensions are placed two teams of 7 players more goalkeeper as indicated by the graph. A player from each team is placed on the outside centering balls as if it were a kick to his teammates to finish off head or volley. The defending team will try to move the ball away from the danger zone with a punt aimed at their forward player so that they finish in the opposite goal. If the goalkeeper blocks the ball, the game starts with a pass to the forward player.

Influence the anticipation of the players who defend and the technique of the heads offensive players.

Players: 14 + 2 goalkeepers. Duration: 10 '. Dimensions: 25x35m. Material: balls, shirt two colours and cones. Scoring and Winners: 1 point if a goal is scored or if the goal is aimed and a goal is scored in the opposite goal. Winners the most points made at the end of the game.


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