lunes, 2 de marzo de 2020


Physical analytical exercise to the improvement of the technique of the conducting, the control, the pass and the coordination. On an area , as  indicated in the graphic, is put on from 2 until 4 players in the posts 1, 2 and 3, is leaving at the same time one player of those three posts when a coach gave the start-up instruction such as:
Post 1: conducting, turn and pass to teammate  which is waiting behind; continues to go round the pikes and to jump over the hurdle to get in change of rate (sprint) to a post 2.
Post 2: conducting, turn and pass to teammate which is waiting behind; continues to make a varied stairs coordination to get in change of rate (sprint) to a post 3.
Post 3: conducting, turn and pass to teammate which is waiting behind; continues with jumps over the leg that find the hoop (hoop to the left, player falls with left leg and vice versa); continues with side shift between the pikes layed down as much as possible the gravity center of the trunk to return to the post 1 start a rhythm of recovery trot.
Insisting on the successful completion of the technical gestures and movements specific physical work in all its breadth. Also highlighted in the output timing of each of the series of post players not to find players and other posts without too many. Remember that it is preferable to do well and slowly that bad and fast.
Dimensions: 11 area football players: 9 to 12. Time: 5' x 3 reps, active recovery 1' static stretching shortened lower body. Material: balls, cones, spades, fences, stair coordination and rings. Observations: take into account the principle of multilateralism, thus changing the direction of beginning of year as the use of both legs in technical gestures.



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