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SOCCER GAME KEEP FIELD CLEAN. The object of the game is to keep your field clear of soccer balls. Good drill for passing practice. Two 40x40 grids next to each other. The Game, two equal teams, one in each grid. Each player has a ball to start the game. On the coaches whistle, the players try to pass the ball from their yard into the opposing teams yard. When the coach blows the whistle (5 minutes x 2 times), play stops, the team with the least amount of balls in their field wins. Coaching points-tell the players what type of pass they have to use. Material: balls, cones, t-shirts 2 colors. Time: 10 minutes. Players: 12 - 14 age 8 to 10 years. SOCCER GAME KEEP FIELD CLEAN 75   EJERCICIOS Y JUEGOS Imprescindibles para el fútbol base Este libro en PDF contiene ejercicios y juegos variados de gran calidad, que servirán como herramienta diaria al entrenador que desee guiar y enseñar a sus jugadores el fútbol como una materia global. Los ejercicios y jue


SOCCER GAME FOUR CONERS. The Four Coners game, is great game to work on all aspects of the soccer. This is a tactical game. Create four grids of about 3x3 metres. and about 25 metres apart from each other. Two teams of 5 to 7 players. The object of the game is to score points by passing a ball to a teammate who is inside one of the four corners. Each team can score in any corner but cannot score in the same corner twice in a row. The pass must be a give and go to his teammate. Material: balls, cones, t-shirts 2 colors. Dimensions: 25x25 metres. Time: 15 minutes. Players: 10 - 12 age 12 to 16 years. SOCCER GAME FOUR CONERS